Description of Innovation

India is on the cusp of a change in disease patterns; non-communicable diseases (NCDs) which accounted for a mere 30 percent of the total disease burden in 1990, now account for over 55 percent of the total disease burden.1 Consequently, Wellthy Therapeutics set out to develop one of Asia’s first digital therapeutics companies. Wellthy’s first therapeutic in Type-II Diabetes has been endorsed as a prescriptiongrade intervention by the RSSDI, which is Asia’s largest organization of diabetes health-care professionals and researchers. Wellthy uses a synergistic combination of artificial intelligence and human-led health coaching to inspire and enable individuals to prevent, manage and reverse their chronic health conditions.

Since its inception in 2015, Wellthy has conducted more than 13 studies to validate its outcomes, enrolled more than 7,000 participants, collected over a million behavioral data points, and entered into multiple strategic partnerships with over seven enterprises across the health-care ecosystem to transform the preventive care landscape in emerging markets.