April 01, 2020

Wellthy Therapeutics Responds to COVID-19


IiH innovator Wellthy Therapeutics, a pioneer in the digital therapeutics space, was founded in India with a goal to transform chronic disease management with behavioral interventions. The organization has conducted many studies over the years on the impact of lifestyle and habits on poorly managed chronic health conditions. In response to COVID-19, Wellthy is cautioning individuals that chronic health conditions can also increase the risk of coronavirus. The organization has launched a blog devoted to some of these health conditions and the importance of taking precautions. For information, go to: https://wellthytherapeutics.com/. Or, click on these links to read or to download these guides:

·         COVID-19 Social Distancing Guide for People with Diabetes and Hypertension

·         Cardiac Complications & COVID-19

·         COVID-19: Should People With Hypertension Worry?

·         Diabetes in the Times of COVID-19