November 13, 2020

Using Partnerships to Overcome Market Barriers: ayzh Case Study

This guest blog was written by Zubaida Bai, Founder and CEO of ayzh.

Health in central to the sustainable development goals, and there has been a clear call to action on the private sector to play its part in advancing these goals. A paper put out by Pfizer and GSK on this topic states: “The private sector must play an integral role in advancing the  [Sustainable Development] Health goal[s]. The private sector plays a pivotal role – often in partnership with governments and civil society – in ensuring a sustainable model and framework for health in any country”.

ayzh works actively in the private sector to be a part of this big change. We strive to create sustainable markets for our products in areas of the India and Africa where the private sector health care facilities play a key role in the heath of the local communities.

Our latest case study highlights our innovative partneryship between ayzh and Palladium presently underway in India. The partnership aims to create sustainable change in the private sector health care system in India, focused on improving the quality of care provided during childbirth by creating a market for ayzh s “safe delivery kits.”

Palladium is supporting ayzh’s entry into this market with promotions and their human resources on the ground. In turn, ayzh is ensuring that the local health care facilities and communities are introduced to the delivery kits and that the kits are made affordable and accessible to them while also building long term partnerships with local institutions.

Both organizations are concurrently advocating the concept and product to compliment and ensure the sustainability of their efforts on the ground. To learn more about the case study, download it here.