March 27, 2020

ThinkMD Responds to COVID-19


As COVID-19 shutters our workplaces and brings travel to a standstill, our global health innovators are springing into action and answering the call for novel healthcare inventions to fight the novel virus. Among them is THINKMD. Over the past two months, the organization has built a digital COVID-19 screening, education and disease monitoring tool to address key challenges of the pandemic in three specific ways.

  • Increase access to screening: Provide a screening tool for individuals to assess themselves, family members or friends for risk of the coronavirus infection, especially in communities where testing is limited or non-existent.
  • Provide factual information: Share simple and accurate information to help guide decisions on when to seek medical care and when to stay at home. The tool also provides up-to-date preventive and protection information based on the latest WHO guidance.
  • Gain pandemic insights: Use the acquired population health and epidemiological data to analyze and perform predictive disease modeling on the emergence and expansion of COVID-19 in communities, regions, and countries. This will benefit health ministries and policymakers by providing them with the information they require to develop and monitor their COVID-19 response and help them plan for the efficient allocation of resources.

THINKMD has released its initial version of this free tool, and it is already being used by thousands of people across the globe.
The company is looking for individuals and partners to help accelerate the impact of this technology, and asking for suggestions about how to improve the technology and distributie it to those who could benefit the most.

For information about THINKMD’s free COVID-19 Screening & Education Tool, go to: For questions and information about the organization, contact: