May 26, 2020

Sevamob Responds to COVID-19

MAY 26

At this crucial time for healthcare professionals, Sevamob is digitizing communications for patient consultation and COVID-19 spread prevention in India and the United States. This AI-enabled healthcare component is designed to help far-flung populations manage the virus, while saving users up to 50 percent on primary care costs. 

Sevamob has also developed the Sevamob Protector, a portable protection kiosk that costs little and can be set up in minutes. The kiosk encapsulates frontline health workers, who then use a pair of attached gloves to examine patients and administer tests. The kiosk reduces PPE usage by upto 90% for a cost savings. 

Sevamob uses AI-based triage and point-of-care screenings for blood, vision, skin, diet, urine, and sputum. Its healthcare providers offer treatment for general health issues, vision, dental, nutrition, cardio-metabolic problems, infectious disease, and ENT. The organization incorporates a telehealth infrastructure for remote care between patients and medical professionals, as well as Asset-lite Popup clinics that provide onsite care and testing. The clinics’ doctors and nurses are supported by Sevamob’s data management and analytics that track patients and disease trends. Sevamob uses this same set-up to provide COVID-19 care in these five ways:

  • Awareness generation about how to prevent the spread of the disease
  • Physician consultation via telehealth 
  • Testing
  • Followups to ensure that patients are quarantined and/or undergoing treatment
  • Patient data management and analytics to track patients and clusters 

Here is a demo video of this product:  

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