November 13, 2020

Regional Resources: New Report on Latin America and the Caribbean

Innovations in Healthcare is thrilled to release a new working paper!

Across Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), investors, health system leaders, accelerators, governments, and multinational corporations are looking to identify and evaluate novel approaches to affordable, quality healthcare. Since the launch of our network in 2011, Innovations in Healthcare has worked with many forward-thinking healthcare organizations in LAC, including MedicallHome, APROFE, and salauno. Our efforts have identified clusters of innovations emerging in Mexico, Brazil, and Central America. We noted the growing interest from multiple stakeholders, and, in response, decided to study and analyze those clusters to better understand trends in the region, along with specific ecosystem characteristics that promote or hinder the development and scale of healthcare innovation. 

Healthcare Innovation in Latin America and the Caribbean: A Focus on Emerging Trends and Market Opportunities in Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico takes an in-depth look at the healthcare innovation ecosystem in three countries and explores the role of regulation, financing, and public-private partnerships in expanding access to quality, affordable healthcare. This paper synthesizes the on-the-ground viewpoints of individuals from over 130 organizations across the region and represents a wide variety of stakeholders in the private sector, government, NGOs, investors, and academia.

You can learn more about this new working paper and have a chance to chat with the authors at our upcoming Annual Forum, this April 4th and 5th in Washington, D.C.  For more information about this invitation-only event, contact Jenny Cook at