Description of Innovation

In East Africa, 4 in 5 girls do not have regular access to sanitary pads. Unhygienic alternatives cause urinary and reproductive tract infections, which left untreated, lead to increased susceptibility to HIV and STIs. Girls who lack sanitary pads miss up to six weeks of school annually, putting them at an increased risk of dropping out of secondary school, further compounding their risk of contracting HIV or STIs.

ZanaAfrica delivers a set of low-cost, high-quality products for managing menstruation, ranging from disposable and reusable pads to underpants, coupled with creative health education. Products are sold in flexible package sizes to meet the purchasing needs of women and girls living on $2 to $4 USD per day, and are packaged with comics that educate girls about reproductive health. ZanaAfrica sanitary pad products are locally manufactured and are the first to be marketed in Swahili or to feature East African women on the packaging.

ZanaAfrica is based in Nairobi, Kenya and partners with distributors across eight counties in Kenya to serve over 10,000 customers to date. ZanaAfrica plans to expand into kiosks to reach over 165,000 customers by the end of 2016.