Description of Innovation

THINKMD is a social impact company founded by a team of physicians and global health experts. THINKMD’s mission is to develop health technology solutions that can be used by anyone, anywhere to extend quality healthcare knowledge and capacity. Over the past four years, with data from over 50,000 encounters, THINKMD has developed a unique point-of-care mHealth platform that uses physician-based Bayesian scoring logic that is WHO guidelinecompliant and works offline. It has imbedded self-training support that has excellent usability and acceptability feedback with data that shows increased usage over time. It decreases initial and subsequent training and evaluation cost and the health logic was designed to use real-time, clinical and epidemiologic data to facilitate the development of supervised machine learning algorithms that continually improve the accuracy of its assessments. Finally, it captures extensive key clinical, program, and user geo-tagged data points for program monitoring and evaluation,