Description of Innovation

An estimated 15% of drugs sold in the world are fake and in Africa and Asia this figure can range from 10% to 30%, compromising 10% of the global medicine market.  In addition to therapeutic failure and drug resistance resulting from counterfeit medications,anywhere from 30 to 2,500 patients have died from individually recorded instances of counterfeit drug sales every year. Further counterfeit drugs decrease incentives for pharmaceutical companies to enter markets, potentially limiting access to needed drugs.

 Sproxil created a mobile-based drug verification tool, Mobile Product Authentication (MPA) ™ that enables tracking and verification of drugs at every step in the supply chain including at the point of consumption. Through SMS messaging, it allows patients to ensure at the moment of purchase that their drugs are from reputable manufacturers and distributors; limiting the negative health impacts of counterfeit drugs and other consumer products.

Sproxil has verified over 6 million and counting products as of November 2013, giving everyone along the supply chain the power to quickly and confidently verify the authenticity of a drug at each step, ensuring patient safety.