Description of Innovation

Life expectancy in India is 14-18 years lower than that in many developed countries. A lack of primary healthcare in India, particularly in smaller cities and villages outside of major urban centers, results in poor health outcomes and shortened life expectancy.

Sevamob delivers primary healthcare through mobile clinics to low-income groups for an annual subscription ranging from $4 USD for children and $10 USD for adults. Mobile clinics are supplied with software (operable offline and from remote locations) to track patient medical records. Sevamob also launched India’s first telehealth marketplace where patients are able to receive video consultations, second opinions, and in-clinic appointments from participating health providers. 


Impact metrics

 Sevamob currently has 6,000 subscribers to its mobile clinic service and serves 10,000 people through the telehealth marketplace, with a network of more than 300 healthcare providers. By 2017, Sevamob intends to have over 200,000 mobile clinic subscribers and 2.5 million marketplace users.