Description of Innovation

SWAP is a Kenya registered NGO operating in Western Kenya since 2005 with programs, research and emergency response. SWAP’s mission is to provide innovative solutions for improved health and economic status of communities.   

SWAP started in 2005 with a distribution model of health products which were sold door to door by trained community health volunteers and people infected or affected by HIV to generate income and improve health. Through this intervention they became useful members of society and self-reliant. Social marketing of health products is further done to stakeholders and partners, especially supporting flood and COVID-19 response.

In 2007 SWAP established a research department with a water laboratory. SWAP has been implementing studies in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Education, Water and local and International research institutions. The studies are evaluating health and economic impact of public health interventions, products and technologies. The key focus areas have been WASH, Menstrual Hygiene Management, HIV, Malaria, Nutrition, Clean Energy, Chronic Kidney Disease, Early Childhood Development, Maternal and Child Health and Neglected Tropical Diseases. Over 55 studies have been published in peer reviewed international journals.

SWAP established 3 water kiosks in rural areas, increasing access to safe and affordable water to vulnerable communities. The water lab continued to be an essential resource for quality control. In 2020 SWAP received approval from the Kenya Bureau of Standards to produce alcohol based hand rub to support the infection prevention and control, through distribution to health care facilities and hot spots in the region. SWAP imported STREAM chlorine generators supporting two Hospitals to produce their own chlorine. 

SWAP has since 2006 supported the Ministry of Health and Humanitarian partners to respond to outbreaks such as Cholera, COVID-19 and flood. SWAP supported health facilities with training on WASH and Waste Management and social behavioral change communication and provision of commodities such as Hand washing stations, soaps, alcohol based hand rub and PPE’s.

SWAP supported 3 schools under the “Adopt a School Initiative” with WASH commodities and reusable face masks to comply to COVID-19 rules. Shelter was built for families who lost their homes due to flood and evacuation camps were visited with food and non-food items to prevent outbreaks and mitigate the impact. OVC and vulnerable families are supported with education and small scale businesses with the aim to make them self-reliant.

SWAP is active member of various network organizations and forums and provides technical support, research evidence, public health and advisory services.