Description of Innovation

Pivot Works partners with government and local communities to strengthen the public health system in Ifanadiana District, creating a model of universal health coverage for the country and beyond. 

From delivering babies to shoring up infrastructure,driving ambulances, and accompanying patients through care–our approach to helping people survive and thrive is comprehensive,collaborative,and dynamic.

Pivot Works

Pivot collaborates with Madagascar’s MoPH to support the existing health system's clinical priority programs,workforce,supply chain,and infrastructure,and to augment systems of financing,referral, social support, and more.

Our approach is to establish a working district-level model for UHC that draws on the strength of early successes and scientific insights. Our use of comprehensive, integrated data systems are what set us apart. We rigorously collect and analyze thousands of indicators to assess programs, maximize impact,and disseminate research. In 2014,we conducted a baseline survey of the health conditions of ~9,000 individuals inside and outside of our initial catchment area. By surveying those same people every two years since, we have produced some of the most rigorously-analyzed population health impact results that we know of among research being conducted by similar global health delivery organizations.