Description of Innovation

Many low-middle income individuals across East Africa lack access to affordable, high quality health care. Women and their families often face a choice between low-quality care and going without care altogether.

Penda utilizes a high patient-to-provider ratio, unique staffing model, patient-centric approach to care delivery, and a focused set of services that addresses key outpatient needs in order to lower the price of services. Innovative marketing strategies and local partnerships allow Penda to integrate into the community and better understand community needs. In addition, Penda is piloting membership model health plans to test whether this increases access to the right care at the right time.

Penda opened its first clinic in early 2012 and is now serving nearly 1,000 patients per month. Penda reached cash flow positive status at its first clinic in July 2013 and now operates a second clinic slated to be cash flow positive in six months.