Description of Innovation

North Star Alliance’s mission is to provide quality healthcare to mobile workers, including long-distance truck drivers and sex workers, and the communities they interact with. North Star Alliance has a network of 27 Blue Box clinics across East and Southern Africa's trucking routes. Our mission is guided by the concept "if they can't get to healthcare, healthcare must come to them."

The North Star Alliance model is built on the principle of bringing health services to mobile workers and the communities they interact with, into Blue Box clinics and the surrounding areas through outreach activities. We convert shipping containers into Blue Box clinics and place them at border crossings, transit towns, and ports where sex work and informal trades thrive. Each Blue Box has flexible opening hours, which often extend into the evening.

Our clinical administration system provides access to patient data across our entire network and ensures e continuity of care for our clients, which is an essential component of robust primary health care delivery. Our clinicians and nurses offer general health check-ups, treatments and information on a range of diseases and illnesses, including tuberculosis, Sexually Transmitted infections (STIs), HIV and COVID-19.

North Star Alliance envision a world where all people lead healthy lives.