Description of Innovation

Noora Health’s mission is to improve health outcomes and save lives by equipping family caregivers with the skills they need to care for their loved ones. By creating a scalable program for caregiving education within the established healthcare system, Noora Health’s model provides vital care knowledge and training through trusted providers – the nurses and staff working in health facilities.

Noora Health supports the healthcare community in acknowledging loved ones as caregivers and providing essential training and education as a fundamental right of healthcare. With the support of six state governments in India, the Government of Bangladesh, and large private hospital systems, Noora Health has trained more than two million patients and family members across 329 facilities. Recent studies found that Noora Health’s Care Companion Program (CCP) reduced post-surgical cardiac complications by 71%, maternal complications by 12%, newborn complications by 16%, and newborn readmissions by 56%.

Noora Health is a TED 2022 Audacious Project Grantee and recipient of the 2022 Skoll Foundation Award for Social Innovation. Access the Noora Health case study, Family Caregiver Education Program.