Description of Innovation

Globally, approximately one million mothers and newborns die each year from infections linked to unhygienic birthing practices. Mothers and newborns are often at risk because low-cost tools and supplies for safe birthing do not exist in resource-poor settings.

Ayzh developed a customizable “$3 Clean Birth kit,” which contains essential tools recommended by WHO that ensure safe and sterile conditions at the time of childbirth – at half the cost of key competitors. Ayzh also provides training and education to healthcare workers through a mobile training program to assure proper implementation of birth kits. Ayzh is primarily owned and operated by underemployed women, who serve as advocates of safe birth practices in their local communities.

Founded in 2010, Ayzh has sold more than 100,000 clean birth kits, impacting about 500,000 people globally, and trained over 400 healthcare workers.