Description of Innovation

Anywhere from 200,000 to 400,000 Indians suffer from kidney failure each year. Kidney patients in India have a 33% chance of becoming cross infected with Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and/or HIV during treatment. An increase in the sale of kidney care products at a rate of 30% per year since 2006, demonstrates an increasing demand for kidney services. Increasing incidence of kidney disease and diabetes, a risk factor for kidney disease, will further compound the shortage of providers and lack of affordable care that leave many without access to high quality treatment.

NephroPlus manages a chain of kidney care clinics specializing in high quality, affordable kidney care, including kidney dialysis, at home dialysis, removal of kidney stones and other minor urological surgeries as well as nutrition and kidney care education for patients. A patent-pending innovation and standardized clinical protocols and operating procedures help prevent cross-infections. By partnering with other health care providers as outsourcing agents, NephroPlus drives specialization and standardization of services in turn increasing patient volumes as well as the quality of care. 

NephroPlus serves 1,200 patients per month and has conducted more than 400,000 dialysis sessions since inception at a 30% to 35% lower cost than corporate hospitals in India. NephroPlus currently operates 11 centers in Southern India with plans to expand into Northern India in 2014.