Description of Innovation

The vast majority healthcare spending in Pakistan is out-of-pocket; there is very little government coverage and insurance is typically only available for corporate employees. As a result, shop owners, domestic staff, contract workers, and other informal-sector workers are at risk of falling into poverty caused by medical emergencies. 

 NAYA JEEVAN is pioneering a health insurance and catastrophic care coverage plan developed in partnership with (and often subsidized by) multi-national corporations that pool risk and create bargaining power to negotiate lower rates. This insurance coverage targets individuals who play a critical role in the multinational’s business (e.g., shop owners selling the corporation’s products or domestic workers of senior executives). NAYA JEEVAN has created value-added health and preventative services, such as health education and an emergency health fund, to this product.

NAYA JEEVAN’s plan costs about $2 USD per month and has enrolled 23,000 members across more than 100 corporate, academic and non-profit partners.