Description of Innovation

Most of the world’s health care happens too late. Muso works to cure delay, to reach every patient in the first moments that they need care. They partner with governments to design, test, and scale strategies that remove barriers to early care, to pursue universal health care and child and maternal survival. In their Proactive Care model, Community Health Workers (CHWs) actively search for patients door-to-door, to connect them to life-saving services early. CHWs provide doorstep care in the home, and evacuate the sickest patients to redesigned government health centers, where patients get care with no out-of-pocket fees. Muso has partnered with the Malian government since 2008, testing and scaling Proactive Care strategies for national community health impact, and recently launched a long-term partnership with the government of Côte d'Ivoire to transform its health system. Muso currently cares for more than 330,000 patients in Mali, and embeds rigorous population-level research and impact evaluation into everything they do. Research has documented that Proactive Care communities in Mali, which previously had some of the world's highest child mortality rates, achieved and sustained the lowest child mortality rates in sub-Saharan Africa. Muso seeks to make this the story of our world by advancing a new model of care for community-based health systems. They currently support the Malian and Ivorian governments' national efforts to connect their 45 million citizens with rapid, evidence-based health care.