Description of Innovation

Every year nearly four million newborns die from diseases, a majority of which are easily treatable with access to lifesaving neonatal equipment. However, many of these medical devices have high operational costs and are not suitable to the needs of hospitals in remote and resource-constrained settings.

 MTTS designs safe, simple, effective, and low-cost medical equipment for neonatal intensive care units in low-resource hospitals. MTTS also provides free installation, training, and after-sales support to providers for the implementation of their devices. MTTS technologies include technology for respiratory distress syndrome, two kinds of phototherapy for neonatal jaundice, warmers for hypothermia, and hand sanitizers for infection control.

MTTS distributes their products in ten different countries, through partnerships with more than 250 hospitals and NGOs. Since 2004, MTTS medical devices have provided therapy to over 700,000 babies.