Description of Innovation

Individuals living in semi-rural areas often face challenges in accessing high quality healthcare due to lack of adequate healthcare professionals and facilities, high costs, and variations in quality.

MedicallHome leverages the existing network and billing platform of the leading telecommunications company in Mexico, TelMex, as part of a joint venture to provide customers with 24/7 access to medical advice over the phone, eliminating unnecessary travel and payment for clinic visits.

MedicallHome serves 5 to 6 million individuals annually in Mexico for the cost of $5 USD per family per month, charged through their phone bill. Nearly two-thirds of patient issues are resolved over the phone and emergency visits decreased from 6% to 1%. Patients who need to see a doctor can go to any of the 6,000 doctors and 3,200 health care delivery sites in the MedicallHome referral network at a significant discount.