Description of Innovation

Kidney disease is one of the leading causes of death worldwide and in Mexico. Mexico leads the world in end-of-stage renal disease (ESRD) incidence and key ESRD drivers such as diabetes and obesity. In Mexico, children make up a large portion of the ESRD burden. The high disease burden is compounded by a public healthcare system seriously lacking in quality prevention and treatment of kidney disease.

Medica Santa Carmen is a certified kidney care provider in compliance with national standards and boasts a zero in-clinic mortality rate and a reputation of trust and confidence. The Medica Santa Carmen clinic incorporates the latest technologies and is strategically located near bus stops and a major highway. Charges are based on patients’ ability to pay and the clinic frequently works with IOU’s, in addition to cross-subsidizing costs for patients that cannot afford to pay. Costs are kept low through operational and supply chain efficiencies, reducing mistakes, and treating a high volume of patients.