Description of Innovation

Lack of affordable, high-quality basic health care services in remote low- and middle-income populations in Burundi due to last-mile distribution challenges. 

LifeNet identifies and recruits church-based clinics into their franchise conversion program designed to improve quality, encourage growth through financing mechanisms, and train nurses to provide care, manage pharmaceutical supplies, and run their clinic using economies of scale created by the franchise.

LifeNet currently operates a network of 42 clinics across Burundi with each serving between 30 and 150 patients per day. All 42 clinics saw a total of approximately 50,000 patients per month in August and September of 2013. Quality Score Card measures, created using Ministry of Health and USAID/Smiling Sun Health Services quality indicators, had increased by 140%, 138% and 49% in Cohorts 1 through 3 respectively by the end of September 2013. 90% of LifeNet partners had positive earnings in September 2013.