Description of Innovation

Nearly 1 million people die from accessing poor quality healthcare in sub-Saharan Africa every year. But it doesn't have to be this way.

LifeNet provides healthcare workers with the knowledge and tools they need to provide high quality healthcare and save lives.

Working primarily with faith-based health facilities, which provide 40% of all healthcare services in the region, LifeNet delivers 5 modules of medical training; 4 modules of management training; mentorship and supportive supervision; continuous monitoring and evaluation; access to equipment and pharmaceuticals; and digital learning tools.

As of 2021, LifeNet works with 335+ health facilities across Uganda, Malawi, the DRC, Burundi, Ghana, and Kenya. With LifeNet, these facilities double their quality of care, financial management and capacity, and administrative practices. The LifeNet network treats 5+ million patient visits with improved care and saves the lives of over 2,000 mothers and babies every year.