Description of Innovation

Every year over 250,000 women and one million babies die in childbirth in Africa. Women cite disrespectful care, overcrowded facilities, and lack of accessible counseling services as reasons they avoid giving birth at a hospital. Those that do go to deliver in formal facilities receive low quality care that results in high rates of maternal and newborn mortality. 

Jacaranda is creating a network of affordable, high-quality maternity hospitals specializing in respectful, evidence-based care for low-income families. They are building cutting-edge systems and protocols to drive down costs of care, improve quality, and create a higher standard of nursing care. 

2022 started with a milestone; Jacaranda enrolled 1 million mothers and empowered them with information through PROMPTS (Promoting Mums through Pregnancy Through SMS). 1 million expectant and new mothers across Kenya now receive information and advice about pregnancy, delivery, and the postpartum period, and a lifeline to quality care when they need emergency support. These mothers represent a diverse cross-section of the population; from different wealth quintiles, age groups, geographies and with vastly varying levels of digital connectivity. 

Want to learn more about Jacaranda's impact?

  • Watch their PROMPTS video, which spotlights the platform's impact on both mothers and the providers that serve them.
  • Read their deep dive insights piece on how they leverage user reported data and machine learning to identify and refer at-risk mums in real time. 
  • Read their PROMPTS case study within a Lancet Financial Times Special Commissioned Report on the Future of AI.