Description of Innovation

Every year over 250,000 women and one million babies die in childbirth in Africa.  Women cite disrespectful care, overcrowded facilities, and lack of accessible counseling services as reasons they avoid giving birth at a hospital. Those that do go to deliver in formal facilities receive low quality care that results in high rates of maternal and newborn mortality. 

 Jacaranda is creating a network of affordable, high-quality maternity hospitals specializing in respectful, evidence-based care for low-income families. We are building cutting-edge systems and protocols to drive down costs of care, improve quality, and create a higher standard of nursing care. 

Jacaranda operates one flagship maternity hospital in peri-urban Nairobi, about to launch a second, and will open a third facility in 2014. The first hospital has served over 3,000 low-income women and impacted nearly 10,000 family members at one-fifth the cost of other private health facilities. Our plans are to reduce cost of deliveries to less than $80, and build world-class systems for quality improvement and nurse development. Over the next 5 years, we will expand these into our own chain of hospitals in the region, and also work through influence partnerships to replicate these innovations in the public and private sector.