Description of Innovation

Connecting with diverse health consumers starts with cultural awareness and meaningful engagement. InOn Health drives the outcomes you care about through adaptive communication. We improve health access,outcomes and equity with a focus on untapped communities, including communities that are minoritized or historically underserved. InOn Health is a Black-founded and Black-owned company with a diverse team of experts across public health, clinical innovation, quality improvement, behavioral science, multicultural communications, and health technology. 

Tune in to the InOn Health Podcast: Health equity issues in our country have been around for decades — largely impacting communities of color and rural areas. In this podcast, we cover a range of topics from racial disparities in medicine to innovation for rural communities to health equity policy and beyond. We speak with entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and industry experts about how to more inclusively serve everyone around their healthcare needs. Tune in to be inspired by health leaders and get insight on how we can all take action