Description of Innovation

Health Builders is a non-profit organization registered in the United States of America and Rwanda. Health Builders works in collaboration with the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the local governments since 2007 to strengthen health systems with the ultimate objective of ensuring access to quality health services for the rural communities in most need in Rwanda. 


Every Rwandan has access to safe and reliable health care and can live a dignified, healthy and prosperous life.


Health Builders strengthens health center management, improves clinical care and builds health care facilities


Health Builders focuses its interventions at the Primary Health Care (PHC) centers and health posts where more than 90% of Rwandans receive care. Our goal is to supply health care providers with the knowledge, skills and resources needed to give patients a high-quality standard of care. Areas of focus include: Reproductive, Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health (RMNCH), non-communicable diseases (NCDs), Infection Prevention and Control (IPC), and data and resource management. We are currently supporting 52 PHC centers and their associated health posts, as well as community health workers (CHWs) in three rural districts (Rwamagana, Rulindo and Nyabihu) with a catchment population of just over 1 million.

For the construction of PHC centers, ownership of all the new health facilities is kept with the local government which commits to cost-share construction and equipment costs and to provide all the required staff once the facility is ready to open. Each new health center and health post serve a catchment population of approximately 20,000 and 5,000 people respectively.

Health Builders’ Leadership and Management

Health Builders’ programs are led and implemented by Rwandans, allowing us to be agile and cost-effective, and to implement evidence-based solutions tailored to the needs of the Rwandan communities. Our strong collaboration with the government and local communities ensures that interventions are appropriately adapted to the Rwandan context and sustainable. Health Builders is uniquely positioned to address the challenges in health center management and clinical care, infrastructure, and technology. Whereas most public health organizations prioritize direct care provision,

Health Builders differentiates itself by strengthening all systems that are essential to care delivery and disease prevention.