Description of Innovation

Access to quality primary health care in Rwanda is limited or in some cases non-existent. The country lacks the human, operational, and technological resources to manage their health centers efficiently and sustainably provide care.

Each of Health Builders' state-of-the-art health centers serve a local community of approximately 22,000 people, with thousands more traveling by foot, bike, and bus from other districts for care. Health Builders then provides the staff and administrators of the newly-constructed facilities with management support by identifying barriers to inefficiency in finance, data/IT, human resources, and operations, while mentoring them through how to overcome these challenges. This management-mentorship support is also provided in over 100 centers across the country and allows centers to save money and invest in additional technologies, ultimately strengthening health systems while allowing them to serve more patients at a higher standard of care.

Since 2007, Health Builders has provided enhanced primary care services for more than two million Rwandans. This includes management support for 116 centers, ground-up construction of six comprehensive care centers, and the development of two maternity and delivery centers.