Description of Innovation

Physician and nurse shortages in the US and other countries create challenges of overburdened emergency departments, managing chronic conditions, and providing access to care in rural areas. These challenges are exacerbated by the increase in older populations around the world.

 Grand-Aides trains experienced caring lay workers who are supervised by health professionals to provide care at a reduced cost and prevent hospital readmission. The model uses telemedicine, home visits, and patient education to reduce unnecessary hospital visits, increase access to care in rural areas, and leverage patients and families to take an active role in their care. Grand-Aides operates in transitional and chronic care, primary care, maternal-infant care, school-based care, palliative care, and rural care delivery.

Pilot studies in the US indicate that care provided by a Grand-Aide and nurse supervisor could have prevented 62% of visits to a primary care clinic and 74% of visits to an emergency room, dramatically reducing costs for patients and the health system.