Description of Innovation

India has 12 million blind people and over 80% of these cases are due to treatable conditions, such as cataracts, diabetic retina, glaucoma, cornea issues and refraction problems. However, a critical shortage of providers means that millions are unable to access treatment and go blind, unnecessarily.

Forus Health provides an innovative platform utilizing affordable technology solutions that can be easily used by minimally trained technicians, making healthcare more accessible and scalable. Forus Health’s flagship product is 3nethra, an intelligent, affordable, portable eye-screening device that allows a health worker to screen a patient in less than 5 minutes for five major eye conditions. The 3nethra device is portable, can be operated easily, and can be deployed in remote areas. Mobile connectivity allows for immediate remote diagnosis by specialists, enabling them to provide care in the remotest areas without leaving their offices.

The 3nethra eye-screening device has a three-pronged impact. It augments and expands the reach of existing health systems, creates employment for rural entrepreneurs, and renews the economic prospects and livelihood of those living with preventable blindness. The 3nethra has is currently used in 220 systems across 14 countries and has since screened 600,000 eyes worldwide.