Description of Innovation

The public health system in Brazil is overcrowded, varies in quality, and is understaffed, often resulting in delayed care and reduced access. For example, wait times for diagnostic services in the public health system are up to 480 days, dramatically delaying the window for treatment options. Low-income, uninsured people in Brazil rely on this system and cannot afford private alternatives.

The Dr.Consulta model integrates primary and secondary health services into one location, providing patients with access to services 25 times faster than public options, and with prices that are 70% to 90% lower than the private market. Clinics are located closest to the homes where the demand and need for services is highest, further reducing barriers to accessing care. 

Founded in 2011, Dr. Consulta has served more than 150,000 patients.  As of January 2015, Dr. Consulta operates five clinics in Sao Paulo and plans to expand to 20 clinics by 2016.