Description of Innovation

ClickMedix provides an innovative smart-phone-enabled technology platform that connects medical providers and patients without the physical presence of a doctor. For patients who do not have access to smart phones, ClickMedix is used by health workers and rural nurses, who serve as eyes and hands of remote doctors to provide information needed for diagnosis and treatment advice. Based on remote physician's advice, the health workers and nurses can administer timely treatment and speed up care delivery. The innovation achieves two major improvements in health systems. First, it connects lesser-trained clinicians directly to specialists, dramatically increasing the range of clinical care and triage they can offer. Second, doctors and specialists are able to increase their patient volume through the connection by 4-10 times with more patients and other providers.

ClickMedix completed 5 years of pilot programs in 15 countries, 61 clinics and hospitals, 3 governments and 10 research institutions and medical schools, 4 NGOs, 4 multi-national corporations, reaching a population of more than 700,000 and scaling to 50M patient reach with current pipeline of customers in the next 5 years.