Description of Innovation

In Kenya, 90% of the population lacks access to health insurance; most don’t qualify for or can’t afford existing insurance packages. As a result, families go without critical health services or are thrown into a cycle of poverty by crippling out-of-pocket health costs. 

Changamka offers three products that allow Kenyans to save over time for quality healthcare. With Smart Cards for maternal health care and family health care, customers can use mPesa to transfer money via their cell phone into a dedicated savings account and then use the account to pay for care when needed. In partnership with Safaricom and Britam Insurance, Changamka recently launched a third product, Linda Jamii, a comprehensive health insurance plan costing only US$140 per family/year with full healthcare coverage and income replacement benefits. Using mPesa, individuals can save towards the purchase of Linda Jamii. Doctors prefer patients with Linda Jamii as it is easy to verify the authenticity of this insurance coverage and they receive payment through mPesa.

Since June 2011, 9,500 Smart Cards and 3,200 maternity cards have been distributed and 600 hospital transactions are paid for each month using the Smart Cards. Through national partnerships, Changamka aims to bring health insurance coverage to 1M Kenyans by 2014.