Description of Innovation

In India alone, there are more than five million high-risk pregnancies every year. Studies show that regular antenatal care can reduce neonatal death and disease. However, frontline health workers in India can only provide 21 percent of antenatal care coverage, and routine fetal monitoring is limited, which contributes to 600,000 stillbirths and 3.5 million premature babies born every year.

 CareMother built a mobile care program that provides home-based and center-based antenatal tests. In this program, frontline health workers use antenatal test kit and a portable fetal heart monitor that uses machine learning to predict fetal health outcomes. Frontline health workers run tests and transfer data to doctors in real time—enabling remote monitoring by gynecologists. Health workers can make informed decisions and refer mothers for timely intervention, improving neonatal outcomes.

30 million pregnancies happen each year in India. We are increasing antenatal coverage from 20% to 100% to save at least 60% maternal & child mortality/morbidity through preventive approach.