Description of Innovation

Over 80% of people in Colombia are insured, but low- and middle-income populations face significant barriers to accessing quality primary care services because of long wait times, burdensome administrative procedures, and denial of health services and medications. Nearly one in two Colombians report having used an emergency room in the past two years – leading to poorer outcomes and higher costs than primary care.

Bive provides members access to a network of more than 55 healthcare providers and 60 different kinds of medical services, with shorter waiting times than public facilities. Services are discounted at rates up to 70% lower than regular health insurance, and provided through a flexible, affordable membership and payment structure. Bive also assists users in scheduling health services through their Linea Amiga Bive phone line, where patients can also obtain information on health user rights. 

Bive operates in three cities in Colombia and currently provides up to 1,300 families with access to over 150 different services from a network of over 100 doctors.