Description of Innovation

Dental issues represent a major unmet public health need. In low-income countries, only 2.5% of dental problems are treated and these untreated issues compound over a lifetime. In Mexico, 60% of children already have cavities by age 6, and this increases to 80% by age 12. The vast majority (80%) of adults over the age of 60 have an average of only 10 teeth remaining.

 Biodent offers high quality affordable dental care services to low-income communities in the city of Oaxaca, Mexico. Unlike other dental providers targeting the poor, Biodent brings elements of higher-priced private care, such as top-of-the-line laser technology and a strong customer service model, to underserved low-income communities. The organization partners with schools to provide educational workshops and focuses on prevention. High patient volume allows prices to remain affordable.

Currently, Biodent’s education program is being implemented in 10 schools, reaching 3,500 school children each year. The prevalence of cavities at participating schools has decreased 20%. In the next 3 years, Biodent plans to scale to 5 new locations and reach 22,000 new patients. Biodent’s founder hopes to change the way that health services are provided to low-income communities, increasing the focus on preventive care and high quality.