Description of Innovation

Technology solutions in emerging markets are often hard to navigate and fail to engage patients. Health providers need affordable mobile and cloud-based technologies that combine basic practice management with patient engagement in a user-friendly manner, making it easy for large hospitals and small clinics alike to connect with patients.’s core product, amHealth, is an outpatient practice management and patient engagement technology platform that facilitates digitizing patient information into a patient record that is relevant and easy to navigate. It automates communication with patients via SMS, email, and smartphone notifications, and connects patients and doctors through mobile applications. Hospitals and clinics pay an annual licensing fee to access amHealth which increases efficiency and patient engagement and leads to greater patient retention and – ultimately -- increased revenue for clinics and hospitals. continually incorporates user feedback to refine and enhance their product, and recently adopted security protocols that are aligned with U.S. and global standards. amHealth is being used in large internationally certified hospitals and smaller specialty clinics alike to organize practices, save staff time, and improve patient care before, during, and after visits.



Providing Value to the Patient, Community, and Health System

The Impact: Their product is currently used to engage hundreds of thousands of patients with a range of leading hospitals, health networks and specialist clinics on the platform.