March 23, 2020

Noora Health Responds to COVID-19

Noora Health is mobilizing a rapid response to COVID-19 for partners in India and Bangladesh. The organization is uniquely positioned to help flatten the curve with its experience in design and health communication strategies and is leveraging long-standing relationships with government partners to reach a wide audience with evidence-based messages.

Noora Health has an extensive repository of high-quality COVID-19 health education resources and materials. These are available in seven Indian languages plus English, contextualized for at-risk populations in low- and middle-income countries, and cover multiple COVID-related topics. They are free to use, can be disseminated widely, and are available for download here:

The Noora team also recently conducted surveys of more than 850 families and 25+ healthcare workers to understand perceptions, needs, current responses, and information gaps about COVID-19. The findings are available online and provide valuable insight on how to design and adapt COVID-19 support for various populations. These learnings have been instrumental in Noora Health’s COVID-19 content creation; the organization shares them in hopes that others find them useful. 

Additional efforts include:

  • Augmenting hospital trainings to include COVID-19 prevention information
  • Developing and rapidly deploying content (videos, audio, digital and print) in seven Indian languages to facilitate awareness and behavior change relevant to COVID-19. These are open-source materials, free to download and utilize.
  • Launching a novel WhatsApp platform, in collaboration with the government of Bangladesh, to deliver WHO-verified and accurate information through a helpline
  • Upskilling frontline healthcare providers at government hospitals to educate patients about COVID-19 and to train families to provide in-hospital care to their loved ones via the Care Companion Program
  • Accelerating the launch of a training app called Namaste Nurses
  • Tele-training healthcare professionals with a focus on delivering high-quality patient and family education

For information about Noora Health or to access open-source materials, go to: For real-time updates, follow @noorahealth on Twitter or Instagram.