November 13, 2020

New Innovators at 5th Annual Forum

We are proud to introduce our newest cohort of innovators at our 5th Annual Forum.

Every year, we identify and recruit innovative organizations with promising models of healthcare to apply to join our network of innovators. This year, through a highly competitive process that included 180 nominations, we selected 12 new organizations operating in 15 different countries who are working to provide healthcare at the right price, with the right partners, and in the right places. Our newest cohort includes organizations that are improving outcomes in chronic and infectious diseases, expanding access to primary and specialty care, improving decision-making for patients and healthcare providers, and better leveraging technology in healthcare settings. -- a for-profit company operating in East Africa that offers technology-enabled patient engagement -- is one of the 12 we will be highlighting at the Forum and on this blog over the coming months.  Learn more about them in this new video: