November 13, 2020

Mexican Innovators Working to Improve Health at the BOP

Last week in Mexico City I attended the BASE International Forum, an event established by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) that brings together leaders who are promoting and developing market solutions that provide quality goods and services at the base of the pyramid (BOP) in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Over two days, more than 100 panelists from across the region and around the world came together to discuss how to better serve the approximately 400 million people living in Latin America on less than $10 day. When talking about health needs for BOP communities with event attendees and with our innovators operating in the region one common challenge emerged: convincing communities that their health is important and helping them gain access to treatment. 

Many members of the Innovations in Healthcare innovator network are addressing this challenge well. Pro Mujer, a women’s development organization that is primarily known as a financial services provider offers access to healthcare for all clients by bundling financial services with healthcare delivery at the point of service. Clínicas del Azúcar, a chain of clinics offers a “one-stop shop” for patients with diabetes, providing easy access to an array of services with a fixed membership fee. Medica Santa Carmen, a certified kidney care provider offers cross-subsidies for patients that cannot afford treatment. These healthcare innovations in Mexico have proven success in helping communities gain access to health education, screenings, and affordable services.

To learn more about the BASE International Forum go here.

At Innovations in Healthcare we identify and recruit entrepreneurs with promising models of healthcare on an annual basis and are currently seeking models that address critical health needs and that are providing significant improvements in cost, quality and/or access to health services like the models mentioned above.  If you are interested in learning more and/or would like to nominate your organization – or an organization you think is excellent -- for consideration, click here.