January 04, 2019


THINKMD, a healthcare technology and data analytics company, joined the Innovations in Healthcare network in 2019. The organization offers a simple-to-use diagnostic platform that puts advanced clinical decision support technology into the hands of any health worker, regardless of level of training. The platform is used in clinics and communities across eight countries in Africa and by a variety of users, from schoolteachers to physicians.

Since joining IiH, THINKMD has published a paper on the development and initial validation of an assessment tool for children ages 0-60 months. The study exhibited THINKMD’s capacity to improve frontline health workers' ability to assess health status and accurately triage children, facilitating early life-saving therapeutic interventions. Following the successful validation of the platform, THINKMD secured more than $1.5 million in seed and debt funding from organizations such as FHI360, the Sorenson Foundation, the Mulago Foundation, and Pfizer Foundation. The funding will support scaling of THINKMD in new markets such as Somalia and Nigeria. 

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, THINKMD increased its offerings to include a digital COVID-19 screening, education and disease monitoring tool to address key challenges of assessing for COVID-19 in the absence of widespread testing. The app provides a self-screening questionnaire, up-to-date information on COVID-19, and insights to analyze and perform predictive disease modeling on the emergence and expansion of COVID-19 in communities, regions, and countries. Development of the COVID-19 screening tool earned THINKMD recognition on the NASDAQ billboard in Times Square.

Learn about the COVID-19 testing tool or try it out here. For information about THINKMD, contact: kbrearley@thinkmd.org.