March 23, 2020


Many low- and middle-income individuals across East Africa lack access to affordable, high quality healthcare. Women and their families often face a choice between low-quality care and going without care altogether.

Penda Health, which provides comprehensive healthcare services at clinics throughout Nairobi, Kenya, utilizes a high patient-to-provider ratio, patient-centric approach to care delivery, and offers services via a unique staffing model to address key outpatient needs in order to lower the price of services. Innovative marketing strategies and local partnerships allow Penda better access and understanding of community needs.

Penda opened its first clinic in early 2012 and is now serving nearly 24,000 patients per month across its network. The organization joined the IiH network in 2013, and its first clinic reached a positive cash flow in July of that year. Penda Health now operates 16 clinics across Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi.

Penda’s mission places the organization on the frontlines of the Covid-19 response in Kenya. “We have prepared our medical centers and staff to respond with the right supplies and tech-enabled protocols, launched a call center to triage patients over the phone, are developing a mass education campaign that is relevant to those living in low-income areas, and working closely with local partners and the government to coordinate all efforts,” according to Monica Dey, Penda’s Global Partnerships Manager. “We know that it’s critical to respond as early and swiftly as possible, so the whole team is working very hard.

“We believe that cases could grow rapidly, especially in the low-income areas where we work,” Dey said. “I am incredibly proud of how our team has adapted our activities and strategies quickly. In addition to decision support tools that we had already integrated into our EMR (thanks to GHIG funding!), we have quickly developed and integrated a decision support tool specifically for Covid-19. This tool is already being used by our providers.” Watch our Chief Medical Officer explain this system here! 

“Penda has launched a full-scale response to Covid-19 and could use financial support for a number of activities,” Dey said. “We are already working closely with our private and public sector partners to coordinate public education and response efforts. But Penda’s medical centers are located in highly populated, low-income areas that will be hardest hit by this disease and least able to implement protective measures, and we must act fast. As a highly trusted provider in our communities, we can slow the spread and save lives. 

“We are already taking action and constantly updating our offerings in this document,” Dey said. “We need financial support, and speed is of the essence.”

To donate, use our GoFundMe for USD donations, our M-Changa for KSH donations, and/or email Monica Dey ( with any questions.