November 13, 2020

IPIHD summer interns providing insights around the world

Every summer, IPIHD selects an elite group of MBA students from the Fuqua School of Business to go into the field to work internships with their innovators. This year we’re excited to have four of their interns working with SEAD innovators over the summer. Join us for a peek into the work the interns have been engaged in so far this summer.

Tim Morilla, a second year MBA, is working with salaUno in Mexico.  SalaUno operates a network of eye clinics in Mexico that aims to provide affordable, accessible, and high-quality eye care to low-income populations.

Above:  The typical layout of the operating rooms at salaUno. The doctor is concluding one cataract surgery as a second patient is prepped for the next surgery. The single room format that salaUno has adopted allows the ophthalmologists to maximize their surgical time and allow for greater operating room efficiency.

Cristina Arellano, a second year MBA, is working with SughaVazhvu in India. SughaVazhvu operates a system of Rural Micro Health Centers (RMHCs) that provide critical healthcare to impoverished, remote villages that traditionally have not had access to the healthcare they need.

Above: A clinical team from SughaVazhvu setting up for their weekly camp clinic. Using innovative technologies and clinical models, SughaVazhvu provides basic healthcare to traditionally under-served populations in India. Each week clinical staff set up a camp clinic at the local meeting area of a remote village, typically a school or public building, and provide medical services to the local people. Patients receive a checkup, basic diagnosis or referral, and symptom treatment for 100-150 rupees (approximately $2 USD).

Wonjae Lee, a recent Fuqua alumnus, is working with North Star Alliance in Kenya. North Star Alliance converts shipping containers into Roadside Wellness Centers (RWCs) strategically placed alongside transport corridors to provide medical services to migrant populations such as truck drivers and sex workers.

Above:  Wonjae Lee with a clinic worker outside a North Star Alliance roadside wellness center (RWC) in Maai Mahiu, Kenya. RWCs provide trucker drivers, sex workers, and other migrant populations in East Africa with basic medical care and preventative treatments. Wonjae is working with North Star Alliance to improve the inventory management process used by North Star Alliance’s network of clinics serving truck drivers and other vulnerable populations in sub-Saharan Africa.

John Emami, a recent Fuqua alumnus, is working with Jacaranda Health in Kenya. Jacaranda Health operates a system of affordable, comprehensive maternity clinics that provide maternity care for 1/5 the cost typically found in private hospitals in Kenya.

Above:  John and Eric of Jacaranda Health are analyzing client information that has been entered into Salesforce. Salesforce has allowed Jacaranda to better track and analyze their client data in ways that ensure they are meeting all client needs in their clinics.

Jose Magaña Paredes, a second year MBA, is working with IPIHD innovator Medica Santa Carma in Mexico.  Medica Santa Carma provides affordable prevention and treatment of kidney disease to low-income populations in Mexico.

Above:  Jose Magaña Paredes attending the grand opening of a new Medica Santa Carma clinic in San Juan del Rio, Mexico. Medica Santa Carma, an IPIHD innovator, provides affordable prevention and treatment of kidney disease to low-income populations in Mexico. Jose is developing new financial reporting procedures and conducting unit economic analysis for the rapidly scaling dialysis provider.