Innovations in Healthcare's Digital and Mental Health Initiative 2020

We are accepting applications from innovators in the digital and mental health sectors who are interested in joining our network until October 31 at midnight EST.


Innovations in Healthcare is a nonprofit organization hosted by Duke University and founded in 2011 by Duke Health, McKinsey & Company, and the World Economic Forum. We aim to improve healthcare worldwide by supporting the scale and impact of promising innovations. We receive support from and collaborate with a global and diverse group of organizations, including corporations and foundations that are committed to strengthening and increasing the scale of healthcare innovations.


At the heart of Innovations in Healthcare is our network of 90+ innovators from around the world working to expand access to affordable, quality healthcare. Every year, we identify and recruit entrepreneurs who have promising models of healthcare across the globe. Through a highly competitive process, we then select the best organizations to join our network of innovators. We help connect these innovators with opportunities, information, and contacts they need to scale up their work.


Innovations in Healthcare’s 2020 innovator network will support and scale innovations in the mental and digital health sectors. We will be accepting referrals to join the IiH network until October 31 at midnight EST. We will send an application to all who are referred on November 1. We will accept applications until November 24 at midnight EST.

SELECTION CRITERIA                                         

Successful applicants should meet the criteria below: 


The innovation should address a critical mental health or health need in a specific target population that exhibits evidence of health outcomes, improvements in cost, quality, and access to the organization's health services and products. 


The organization should clearly identify its users and customers for mental and digital health innovations.


The organization should have been in operation for three or more years in the organization's target market.


The organization should have conducted pilot studies to validate its innovation in the target market.


The solution should be scalable beyond the organization's current implementation site.


The organization should have a clear business model that supports the organization's desire for scale.


The organization should have generated annual revenue or grant/donor funding that has met or exceeded its operating costs for the past two years.

For a referral form, go to: