November 13, 2020

IFC Calls on Health Tech Startups to Enhance Healthcare in East Africa

February 25th is deadline to apply for up to $1 million in grants

The International Finance Corporation is offering up to $1 million in grant funding to support matched pairs of healthcare innovators and leading East African private multi-specialty hospitals, primary care clinics, diagnostic centers, labs, insurers, and pharma retailers. Health tech startups from around the world are invited to apply and bring high-impact solutions to East Africa to enhance healthcare delivery, improve lives, and grow their business in a vibrant fast-growing market. 

The IFC TechEmerge Health East Africa Program was announced on January 7 at the Consumer Electronics Show, as part of a World Bank Group-CES Global Tech Challenge. Innovators have until February 25th to apply. Successful applicants will be matched with East African healthcare providers and meet to discuss opportunities to pilot technologies. Pilot partners will receive ongoing support and advice during project implementation that will mitigate financial and operational risks associated with market entry and reduce risks for local healthcare providers. As the East Africa pilot projects advance, IFC will evaluate future investment opportunities to help scale the solutions. 

The greatest demand lies in new technologies related to point of care diagnostics, clinical records and data analytics, patient engagement, and quality management, among others. For information on IFC and the TechEmerge Health East Africa, go to or:



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