November 13, 2020

Happy Mother's Day from Innovations in Healthcare

This Sunday in the U.S. we are celebrating Mother’s Day. As we think about our own moms and thank them for all the times they’ve been there for us, we’re also thinking about the innovators in our network who are dedicated to improving healthcare for moms worldwide.

Many of our innovators are working to make it their core mission to improve the health of mothers and are working to positively affect maternal health are using a variety of models and approaches. Some of them have developed tools that increase the safety of childbirth for women. Ayzh developed JANMA, a clean birthing kit that costs only $2-$5. The kit contains tools that are recommended by the World Health Organization to create a sterile and sanitary environment for childbirth. We Care Solar developed a “Solar Suitcase,” a portable solar electric system that was designed with midwives and mothers in mind. In places where electricity is not dependable, the “Solar Suitcase” can power lighting as well as mobile and medical devices for use during emergency obstetrics procedures.

 Other innovators, like Jacaranda Health and LifeSpring, operate maternity clinics and hospitals for low-income women, for whom care at private hospitals is typically priced out of reach. LifeSpring is a chain of small hospitals that provide low-cost maternity care in India, and Jacaranda Health is a network of affordable maternity hospitals in peri-urban areas of Nairobi. Jacaranda clinics have provided maternal care to over 5,000 women since beginning operations in 2012 – to hear more about Jacaranda Health’s mission to provide high-quality, dignified care to mothers, check out their video.

Still others, like Pro Mujer, focus on empowering women in Latin America through activities that range from financial services to healthcare provision. With respect to healthcare provision, Pro Mujer emphasizes addressing the five most prevalent conditions affecting women, providing services such as pre- and post-natal care and chronic disease screening.

We want to thank these innovators, and all innovators, working to make strides to improve the health of mothers around the world. Happy Mother’s Day to moms, and to all those who are helping to keep our moms healthy!