November 13, 2020

Growth Capital in Mexico

Next week, Innovations in Healthcare will launch a Latin American and Caribbean Landscaping report which examines healthcare across the region and specifically identifies healthcare innovation opportunities and trends in Brazil, Mexico and Colombia.

Among these findings was the idea that while proven, sustainable solutions for major health challenges exist in promising businesses, often the needed growth capital – affordable debt financing, long-term equity investments, blended grant and investment capital to allow for healthcare quality and volume – is simply not available.

 To explore these financing issues more in-depth, Innovations in Healthcare will be holding a series of events in Mexico City, in partnership with New Ventures Mexico and the Pfizer Foundation, on March 10th These events will bring together CEOs in our network, innovators in this region, active healthcare funders and investors, and government funders.

 Highlights of companies attending include:

  •  A retail clinic network in Brazil operating 26 clinics and providing roughly 17,000 medical services per month.
  • A Chilean based tele-monitoring company focused on chronic disease management that has reduced costs for complex patients by 60%.
  • A Mexican diabetes care provider where patients see a 50% reduction in complications when they join.

Are you an active investor in healthcare? Or from a foundation interested in providing grant funding to proven, scalable healthcare delivery models? Or from a corporation interested in partnering with leading healthcare innovators in this region? We’d love for you to join us! Send me an email with your background ( and we’ll tell you more.

Hope to see you in Mexico!