March 16, 2020

Call for ventilator technologies for rapid manufacturing

Save lives! Submit your ideas by March 24.

Innovations in Healthcare is passing on a message from partners of DFID’s Frontier Tech Hub regarding a special project to rapidly increase production of the ventilators vital for treating people with COVID-19 respiratory problems in the United Kingdom (and, by extension, health systems in DFID’s 27 countries of operation).

There are simply not enough ventilators for the projected number of people that will become ill in the United Kingdom and elsewhere. State-of-the-art ventilators will take too long to manufacture. Innovators are needed.

Thus, the organization and partners have launched an urgent call for applications to source existing and proven low-cost ventilator technologies from across the globe, especially in emerging markets, that can be rapidly adapted for manufacture.

The winning technology will be manufactured and used in the United Kingdom by a team at UCL’s Institute for Healthcare Engineering with GDI Hub, and will receive a licensing fee.

To apply, and for the eligibility criteria, please see here.

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Pace is imperative. The need is urgent. We’re working with tight deadlines and need your help to get the message out and save millions of lives.

Final Selection: 25 March 2020

Any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact the team at