November 13, 2020

IPIHD Welcomes 12 New Innovators to Network!

IPIHD is proud to announce our 2015 IPIHD cohort, adding 12 new exciting innovators to our global network! From Vietnam to Kenya to Brazil, these organizations are all delivering novel healthcare services and products that increase access to affordable, quality care in the settings where they currently operate and have the potential to impact models of care worldwide.

These innovators were chosen from a pool of more than 120 candidates as part of our highly competitive annual selection process. Our newest cohort of innovators bring diverse experiences and expertise to the IPIHD network working in areas ranging from delivering new medical technologies to medial education services to healthcare marketplaces.  While each organization is working on unique challenges, they are linked by their common commitment to scaling up better health care opportunities around the world.

The 2015 cohort of innovators includes:

Afya Research, East Africa, Non-profit

Afya Research operates kiosks located in rural villages, making it easier for community members to access services such as well-baby and ante-natal visits.

Ayzh, India and East Africa, for-profit

Ayzh develops low-cost, appropriate technology such as safe birthing kits designed to meet the needs of women in resource-poor settings.

BIVE, Colombia, for-profit

Bive facilitates access to healthcare products and services in Colombia through an annual membership to a health plan.

Bodhi Health Education, India, for-profit

Bodhi Health provides medical education training materials that explain complex medical topics to less literate health workers with highly pictorial e-Learning content available in regional languages.

dr. consulta, Brazil, for-profit

dr. consulta is a technology-enabled chain of outpatient clinics that provides medical appointments, lab works and imaging exams for uninsured families.

MicroClinic Technologies, East Africa, for-profit

MicroClinic Technologies, is commercializing ZiDi, Africa’s first enterprise health management solution which enables clinics and hospitals across Africa to improve management of patient care, medicines, and personnel.

MTTS (Medical Technology Transfer and Services), Vietnam, for-profit

MTTS provides custom-designed, low-cost, neonatal care equipment to hospitals and provides targeted training to medical personnel.

Noora Health, India, non-profit

Noora Health provides training that empowers families of patients to be better care givers in the hospital and at home. Noora operates in India and US.

PACE MD, Mexico, non-profit

PACE MD provides continuing medical education and certification courses with a focus on emergency and community care at all levels of the “chain of survival.”

SevaMob, India, for-profit

SevaMob offers primary healthcare and insurance via mobile clinics.  It offers rapid point-of-care diagnostics and provides healthcare sponsorships for orphanages.

SWAP (Safe Water and AIDS Project), East Africa, non-Profit

The Safe Water and AIDS Project (SWAP) engages Community Health Promoters to provide health education and door-to-door sales of health and hygiene products in rural Kenya.

ZanaAfrica, East Africa, for-profit

ZanaAfrica is a social enterprise that locally manufactures and distributes affordable, high quality sanitary pads for girls and women in East Africa. ZanaAfrica also focuses on issues such as health education and policy advocacy for girls.