Innovations in Healthcare (founded as the International Partnership for Innovative Healthcare Delivery) was formally launched in 2011 after two years of research and planning, led by Duke Medicine and McKinsey & Company through the World Economic Forum, on how best to support the scale and replication of innovative solutions for healthcare.  We are:

  • Inspired by the promise of healthcare innovations 
  • Supported by leading public and private sector organizations
  • Driving collaborations to scale and replicate innovations in healthcare

Co-founded by Duke Medicine, McKinsey & Company, and the World Economic Forum, Innovations in Healthcare is hosted at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. In a short period of time we have developed strong partnerships with leading healthcare innovators, corporations, foundations, and government organizations around the world, which together are committed to scaling and replicating innovations with the potential to solve the most pressing healthcare challenges.

Some of our key milestones are shown below.

  • 2009 – 2011

    Planning and research on healthcare delivery innovations led by Duke Medicine and McKinsey & Company through the World Economic Forum.

  • January 2011

    Endorsement from key stakeholders at World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, to launch new organization to support scale and replication of promising healthcare innovations worldwide. The International Partnership for Innovative Healthcare Delivery (IPIHD) is established as a non-profit organization hosted at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, USA.  Recruited 9 innovators, 17 supporters.

  • 2012

    Network increased to 27 innovators.  IPIHD hosted its first Annual Forum in Washington, DC.

  • August 2012

    IPIHD published its first policy-focused white paper at the Global Health Policy Summit in London, England – A Neglected Resource: Transforming Healthcare Through Human Capital.

  • November 2012

    The IPIHD team partnered with other organizations across Duke to launch the Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator at Duke (SEAD), a program in collaboration with USAID that supports the scaling of impact of promising global healthcare innovations. Key partners for SEAD include the Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship (CASE) at the Fuqua School of Business and the Duke Global Health Institute (DGHI).

  • 2013

    Network increased to 39 innovators

  • October 2013

    IPIHD led an Innovation Study Tour in India, hosting 15 healthcare and life sciences leaders from the US and UK to visit innovators including Narayana Health, Vaatsalya, LV Prasad Eye Institute, and Lifespring Hospitals.

  • 2014

    Network increased to 43 innovators.  IPIHD convened two new communities of practice – the Diabetes Working Group and the Reverse Innovation Learning Group, bringing together diverse teams to strengthen the scaling and replication of healthcare innovations worldwide.

  • 2015

    Network increased to 55 innovators

  • February 2015

    IPIHD established a new regional office for East Africa in Nairobi, Kenya, with two team members based there.

  • June 2015

    Innovations in Healthcare is formally launched as the new name of the organization.

  • 2016

    Network increases to 67 innovators operating in 49 different countries.