November 13, 2020

2019 Innovator Promo Blog Series: SystemOne

The Global Health community invests billions of dollars annually to address infectious disease, helping to prevent and treat outbreaks in lower and middle-income countries around the world.  $22.3bn of these annual contributions are focused on HIV and TB, with additional support frequently needed by those leading critical operations in their communities.[i] 

Unfortunately, clinical effectiveness and operational returns from these investments can be incredibly challenging to measure and many stakeholders are unable to evaluate which interventions are truly working and which are ineffective.

SystemOne was launched to address this issue. “Turning on the lights” for a globally critical, yet often opaque system by creating a next generation platform for response monitoring and evaluation.  

SystemOne’s technology provides the ability to connect diagnostic devices – treating them as an “Internet of Things” (IoT) -- to move and interpret real-time data through its dynamic ASEPCT software

ASPECT allows for:

  • Rapid linkage of diagnosed patients to treatment;
  • Ongoing validation and evaluation of investments in equipment
  • Unique visibility into disease hotspots; and
  • Rapid adjustment of health investments

Leveraging this integrated solution, SystemOne has connected over 2,500 devices, processed over 7.5 million diagnostic results, and sent over 1.5 million instant notifications to inform health system personnel and ministries about diagnoses, machine status, inventory issues and more. Empowering providers and patients with this real-time data has improved patient support and outcomes in the communities they serve.  For example, the ability to get diagnostics results back quickly to remote clinics in Malawi has reduced patient wait time by 95%. 

With a rapidly expanding list of key customers include the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, USAID, WHO, CDC, and more, SystemOne is well positioned to reach its goal of connecting over 100,000 devices – and ensuring that millions of patients are connected to treatment – in the next four years.  

Learn more about SystemOne here.

[i] $19.1 billion in 2016 based on multiple sources, including: $3.2b on TB, as noted by the WHO and others.