November 13, 2020

2019 Innovator Promo Blog Series: RubiconMD2

Team photo 2Across the country, millions of individuals are not able to easily access specialty care. These are individuals who are not able to afford specialty care, live in regions where wait times for specialties can be exceedingly long, or who would have to travel great lengths to reach their nearest specialist. At the same time, 40% of specialist visits that occur today are unnecessary and avoidable. This leads to exceedingly long wait times where the people who really need specialty care are unable to access it.

Rubicon teamThis is the problem that RubiconMD solves by democratizing medical expertise and improving access of specialty care for all populations. Their CEO and co-founder Addo was driven to start RubiconMD when his grandmother had to frequently travel between Barbados and Boston for treatment of a brain tumor, resulting in long and taxing trips that became increasingly burdensome. This was the motivation to create a solution that would help bridge the gaps between primary and specialty care.

RubiconMD often helps patients avoid unnecessary referrals and services but also ensures that patients who do need care are able to access and receive the treatment they need. Scott, a 41-year-old, presented to his PCP with atypical headaches and over the course of two weeks had been seen in the ER with negative CT scans. Scott’s PCP triggered a neurology eConsult on RubiconMD asking if additional testing (MRI or MRA) was necessary and if the situation was urgent. An hour later, a neurologist on the platform responded with concerns of an aneurysm and recommended an MRA in the next 24 hours. Scott was scheduled for an MRA immediately, was diagnosed with an aneurysm and underwent surgical treatment as soon as possible. Because of RubiconMD and the insight from the neurologist, Scott’s PCP was able to potentially save Scott’s life. See more about their impact in the New England Journal of Medicine Catalyst.

RubiconMD’s HIPAA-compliant digital platform gives primary care clinicians access to specialist expertise from over 120 specialties and sub-specialties. By rapidly connecting their users to top specialists from across the country, they allow for better care to be delivered to patients who otherwise may not have access to specialist care. And by building these links between primary and specialty care, RubiconMD is allowing PCPs to practice at the top of their license, for specialists to increase their own reach and to share the expertise they have, and for patients to have a quicker, better, and often cheaper experience. They currently are operating in 36 states, helping thousands of primary care clinicians access the specialist expertise they need.